To provide safety from automatic door systems to all customers who use automobiles
Vitonet AP, a company that succeeded in developing the world’s first through constant challenge and innovation

I would like to express my gratitude to customers who have always watched Vitonet AP with warm interest, support, and affection.

Vitonet AP is a non-contact safety sensor system (TODS_Touchless Obstacles Detection System) for vehicle doors. Through research and development for over 20 years, the world’s first successful commercialization.

In the United States, 6 people die every year, about 2,000 people are injured every year due to power window safety accidents that occur every year around the world. The safety accidents of the electric doors of many automobiles are fundamentally prevented by applying the non-contact safety sensor system [TODS]. We are supplying TODS in earnest that satisfies gradually strengthening international safety regulations.

TODS is a power window [PWG], power sliding door [PSD], power tail gate [PTG], power trunk creed [PTL] used in Korea and abroad, This product prevents safety accidents caused by inadequate surroundings from occurring with the non-contact safety sensor system when using the power sunroof [PSR].

To prevent such safety accidents, we will continue to promote R&D so that TODS can become an international safety standard. Vitonet AP executives and staff will do their best until the day that safety accidents caused by the door system disappear all over the world.

Thank you.

Young-pyo Yoon, CEO of Vitonet AP